Bowsights Page 3 ‘Cub’ – html

Archery is a proven means to boost a childs self discipline and self-esteem and we firmily believe that 3D-IC Bowsights will undoubtedly enhance these virtues.





The 3D-IC alignment concept is scientifically correct. Engineered around our Creator’s magnificent design of the eye that exploits the subconscious which controls 95% of the brain activity.
Teach a child to utilize this thought-free alignment process and there bound to be many “spin-offs” that will be of major benifit in other, later walks in life.

For Instance; once familiar with a 3D-IC Bowsight, and with very little archery practice, a child will be far more capable of placing a dot-dead-centre in a circle. This seemingly simple self-centering ability will stand him or her in good stead, not only on the sports field, but later in life for a multitude of other activities, from threading a needle to riding a mountain bike through a forest or piloting an aircraft.

The unbelievably complex design of the eye has three dimensional functions such as peripheral alignment, subliminal memory and pre-cognizance, that are either taken for granted, simply ignored, but most unfortunately, seldom exploited.